Intel Medical Director's Health Reform Vision
PHILADELPHIA -- "I went to med school because I wanted to be Marcus Welby," Intel Corp. Medical Director Mark Blatt told the audience at the 2012 Wharton Alumni Health Care Conference. "And I'm here to tell you Marcus Welby's dead. I'm over it and I CAN deliver care differently -- and you should, too." As entertaining as it was provocative, Blatt's presentation at the "Physician restructuring" session promoted the idea that telecommunication engagements -- rather than traditional face-to-face doctor visits -- should be the future of primary care in the U.S. Pointing to the "creative disruption" innovation methods used by Intel, the world's largest producer of computer chips, Blatt called for dramatic reforms that would reduce the country's health costs from 18% of GDP to 14% within ten years. He warned that the current health care business is on a "bubble" surprisingly similar to that of banking prior to the 2007 subprime mortgage industry collapse.. [ -- Conference session: Physician Restructuring. -- ]

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