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Penn-CMU Roybal Center Retreat 2014: The Fun Stuff
Reception, Beach Yoga, Scavenger Hunt

Congress Hall
Along with its serious scientific sessions, the Penn-CMU Roybal P30 Center on Behavioral Economics and Health annual retreat is designed to foster tighter bonds and comaraderie among its growing membership of interdisciplinary academic researchers. Among the ways it did that this year was with a sunset reception, sunrise beach yoga and a photo-app based scavenger hunt that encouraged participants to explore the colorful seaside town renowned for its Victorian architecture and genteel ambiance. Above, LDI Deputy Director Joanne Levy and CMU PhD student David Hagmann pause for a boat photo op.. . .Click Images Below to Enlarge

The Reception

The Penn-CMU Roybal Retreat reception was held on the three-story portico that wraps the seaward side of Congress Hall where a broad lawn rolls out toward the beach.
Taking in the sunset are LDI Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics (CHIBE) staffers (l to r) Kelsey Dochelli, Clinical Research Assistant; Kristen Caldarella, Clinical Research Coordinator; Noora Marcus, Clinical Research Coordinator; Dana Gatto, CHIBE Project Manager; and Tori Ulrich, Clinical Research Coordinator.
Carnegie Mellon Center for Behavioral Decision Research Director George Loewenstein, PhD, on the portico with CMU grad students Shereen Chaudhry (left) and Lynne Conell Price.
Recounting the day's events are LDI Deputy Director Joanne Levy, MBA, MCP, and LDI CHIBE Director Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD.
Wharton School Assistant Professor of Business and Public Policy Judd Kessler, PhD, MPhil (far left) talks with Harvard Assistant Professor of Business Administration Leslie John, PhD, MSc. Further right are Joanna Hart, MD, Penn Pulmonary & Critical Care Fellow; and Vanessa Madden, BSc, FIELDS Project Manager.
Enjoying rocking chairs and hors d'oeuvres on the portico are CHIBE staffers Alicia Gilbert and Genevieve Cattanea.

Beach Yoga at Dawn

Day two of the Roybal Retreat began at 6 a.m. with a beach yoga session led by Sara Grundy, a Clinical Research Coordinator and yoga enthusiast.
The sun, which was just breaking the horizon when the session started, exploded to full light over the next 30 minutes.

The Scavenger Hunt

A morning scavenger hunt was designed to enable teams of retreat attendees to see more of Cape's historic district. The competition was organized around the Goosechase scavenger hunt phone app. Here, Penn team members Joanne Levy, Tori Ulrich and Michael Detsky are writing "CHIBE" in the sand to be photographed into the app for 1000 points.
Each target item that must be found is photographed into the Goosechase app and each has points. The team with the most points wins. Here, team captain Tori Ulrich checks the latest scores on Goosechase as Joanne Levy looks on.
In an effort to boost his scavenger team's score by 600 points, CMU's George Loewenstein builds a sand castle.
Chalking up 400 scavenger points for this photo of themselves in a "gingerbread house" are Joanne Levy, Michael Detsky, David Hagmann and Tori Ulrich.
David Asch picks up 600 points for his scavenger team with a photo of this dog snapped into the Goosechase app.
A helpful stranger takes the shot of the team-in-a-gazebo for 1000 points. Behind the rail: Vanessa Madden, Caroline Carney, Kevin Volpp and Heather Schofield.
The peninsular Cape May, the southern-most point of New Jersey, fronts on both the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay; scavenger hunters ranged from the lighthouse to the whole of the Victorian historic district.
The oldest seaside resort in the U.S., Cape May is essentially a sprawling museum of authentic Victorian architecture; in fact, the ENTIRE CITY is recognized by the federal government as a Historic National Landmark.

Scavenger Hunt Winning Teams

Photos from Goosechase app files
1st Place - Team 9: Front left: Jingsan Zhu (Penn); back left: Amelia Haviland (CMU); front, center: Joanna Hart (Penn); back right: Eric VanEpps (CMU); and front right: Beth Cooney (Penn).
2nd Place - Team 5: From left: Megan Pellegrino (Penn); Noora Marcus (Penn); Nancy Kennedy (Penn); George Loewenstein (CMU); and David Asch (Penn).
3rd Place - Team 4: From left: Bradford Tuckfield (CMU); Lynn Conell-Price (CMU); Kelsey Dochelli (Penn); Emily Kane (Penn); Christina Jameson (Penn); and Nicole Gabler (Penn)


Main Session

Presentations and Innovation Tournament

~ ~ ~


Mark Kamlet


Health Economics Insights From Former CMU Provost

Heather Schofield


Chronic Sleep Deprivation Among the Poor

Nalaka Gooneratne


Connected Health Solutions for Insomnia

Harald Schmidt


Toward an Ethical Framework for Automated Hovering

Hengchen Dai


The 'Fresh Start' Effect and Aspirational Behavior

Alex Rees-Jones


Non-Truthful Preference Reporting in The Residency Match

Jason Riis


Effect of Reward Quantification on Goal Setting and Persistence

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